Wednesday, 20 October 2010

review: Winter's Bone

by Oli

Having nothing to do last night, I resolved to see Winter’s Bone, a new film showing at my local cinema.
My journey to the cinema was very pleasant; a fact which I attribute to the excellent suspension system of my 2002 Ford Fiesta. It is a wonderful car that has served me very well in the four years that I have owned it, and I heartily recommend the Fiesta to anyone considering a small car. Mine came in the very soothing Metropolis Blue, although a variety of equally agreeable colours are also available from the Ford Motor Company.
Upon reaching the cinema, parking was ample and I was able to stop very close to the advertising hoardings that typically flank the entrance to a cinema. The collection of my pre-ordered tickets passed smoothly - the cinema maintains a stirringly efficient pre-order system - although I was somewhat disappointed with the refreshments on offer. Bar the child size, all portions were far too large to eat or drink in the time allocated for the film. This ought to be addressed by the picturehouse’s management committee.
I was unable to concentrate on the film as I was preoccupied with thoughts about Mr. Ray Bradbury’s fantasy-horror novel Something Wicked This Way Comes. Mr. Bradbury’s novel enjoys an excellent title and, although I cannot testify first-hand to the quality of the book, all the reviews that I have read were very positive. I spent the majority of the film imagining what the book might be like, and as to what scenarios its protagonist or protagonists might face. I concluded that supernatural forces, organised crime or the military were likely to play vital roles.
If possible, I enjoyed my journey home even more than I did my journey to the cinema. The route benefitted from the moonlight and many of the trees took on an appearance not dissimilar to those that frequently frequent the movies of Mr. Tim Burton.
Many thanks to the Cheshire Oaks Vue cineplex for a most enjoyable evening.

Score: Impossible to say 

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